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Romerike kaffebrenneri



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  • Land: Rwanda
  • Region: Gakenke
  • Bønne type: Bourbon
  • Prosess: Vasket
  • Brenningsgrad: Lys/Medium
  • Tekstur: Leskende
  • Høyde: 1700 - 2000 moh
  • Smaksprofil: Sort te, melkesjokolade, bringebær, rabarbra

Ishema Youth

This washed processed Rwanda is from the Ishema Youth Association a member of the Abakundakawa Co-op. This is grown and processed in the Gakenke Rushashi region by 400 youth. It displays bright floral and dried fruit notes paired with tamarind and caramel and ending with a complex finish. Available in 12oz or 5lb bags.

Ishema translates to "pride" in the Rwandan Language. The 400 members of the Ishema Youth Association take pride in the coffee they produce with the goals of improving coffee quality, reducing rural migration by creating job opportunities for youth, and in providing agricultural training the next generation of farmers, promoting family succession.

Hope Neighborhood Roasters is a program of the Hutton Settlement Children's Home. When you choose HOPE Neighborhood Roasters, you become a vital part of Hutton Settlement's mission of nurturing, educating and preparing children in need.

Abakundakawa Rushashi, founded in 1999 by 103 members, is today a solid and well-organised cooperative with 2109 farmers. The Ishema Youth Coffee Group, which produces this lot of coffee, consists of young women and men whom the Rushashi cooperative trains in microfinance, administration and sustainable agronomic practices. One of these projects, initiated with the support of the green coffee importer This Side Up, focuses on regenerative agriculture and agroforestry.

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